Recording in Athens

The Culprits

We are currently in Athens, GA recording on a brand new EP with grammy nominated producer John Keane (R.E.M. and Widespread Panic).  Although we have not settled on a name and are even still working through song choice, we are off to a very promising start!  We are super excited and incredibly honored to be collaborating with John Keane on this endeaver and cannot wait to share what we come up with! Stay updated with the daily blog posts below!



Nick's blog--


"Day three went swimmingly!  (Can you say that?  Sounds weird...)  Anyway, we tracked guitar on all four songs.  It was a long day and my fingers have felt better but I was really happy with the sound we were able to create with the amazing assortment of pre-amps and compression pedals.  I am especailly excited about some of the arrangments we've been working on.  This is definitely a step up in instrumentation from the last EP.  I'm dead tired and I still have to work on the MIDI programming I've been doing for our live show.  Bis morgen!"




Will's blog--


"The Culprits are officially half way through with their first professional studio session down in Athens, Georgia. The drummer’s past and current agenda - day one: drums. Day two: a little more drums. Day three: relax while the sound congeals into something sweet and powerful with a little help from our friend…the guitar. This experience is what we have been unknowingly desperate for, a way to let the limitations of a three-person band disappear under the empowerment of our real sound… the sound we’ve been subconsciously craving… the sound that makes us slap fives and smile. I'm looking forward to hearing the drums in the final mix come Friday!"


Zach's Blog--


"Day two in the studio with Keane went wonderfully. We finished our fourth song's drum track and then went on to track the bass. Being the bassist, well, this was my favorite part. I've written some pretty fun lines for all four songs so I really enjoyed laying them down in the studio and getting some feedback from Keane. The bass is sounding great and with a little help from Keane we got my Fender Jazz sounding really smooth, capitalizing on the flat wound strings I use. Enough with bass jargon though. We broke for dinner around 7:30 and got some pizza at Little Italy, an Athen's favorite, came back to finish the bass, and then moved on to guitar. Nick's playing is sounding really strong and with the power of a 1950's PA head adding some distortion to one song it is clear that we are expanding our sound for this EP. Things are going well so far, so we plan to keep it up for the next two days. More guitar tomorrow and then vocals!"




Nick's blog--


"We started off by simply sitting down and going over demos and old material.  It was awesome to have Keane's input and advice right off the bat.  Most of the demos had been recorded at home and were very rough but we had put in the hours focusing mostly on arrangement and overdubs.  So far we've recorded bass and drum tracks on three songs but we'll need to polish up some of the performances by reworking old takes.  For now it is time for bed but we'll be back at it midday tomorrow!"


Zach's blog--


"The first day in Athens was incredibly successful as we were able to get much more done than we had initially expected. With the guidance of Keane the songs are really starting to come together, even at this early stage in the tracking process. So far the Athens sessions with Keane have been very rewarding, and the band is ready for day two! Vocals, harmonies, overdubs... let's do this."