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Drawing on mixed musical inspiration absorbed from parents’ record collections, the Nick and Will Evans got their start organizing regular free concerts with childhood friend Zach Blount in their hometown of Sewanee, Tennessee. Today, after a six-year hiatus, their creative process has reemerged in the face of opposing artistic tastes, yet shared obsession to make more sound than one would expect from a three-piece.


The band's debut EP, "Sleeper Strip" (2018), garnered praise from notable blogs and magazines, such as The Wild Honey Pie, Obscure Sound, and Whurk Magazine. Compared to the likes of Beach House, Real Estate and The War on Drugs, the release yields a “nocturnal vein of rock with strong melodic elements” – a “heart-rending blend of garage rock and dream pop” with “consistently superb vocal deliveries throughout”. Outlets were quick to applaud the songwriting, home recording and self-sufficiency in music production. Stray Fossa's third single, "Commotion," released in September 2018, received positive reviews as a "compelling unconventional" take on shoegaze, and following a successful stretch of shows up the east coast, the band released their fourth single, "Swells," in January 2019.




"a warm cocoon of lo-fi chill-wave nostalgia" - The Wild Honey Pie


"'Commotion’ is only the band’s third release but it seems that they already have their sound utterly dialed. This latest single is a breezy stroll of a track that swoons its way through delicate bridges and smooth choruses leaving the listener (me) almost completely relaxed."

- Yack Magazine


"This percussion dominant track from American trio Stray Fossa is compelling unconventional shoegaze, that's quite experimental in parts, messing around with various tempos and dynamics to create an ethereal composition. It feels refreshingly new and distinctive, with crystal clear production, layered vocals and jangly guitars."

- Thnks Fr Th Rvw


Stray Fossa has been putting together some excellence of their own of late, releasing debut EP Sleeper Strip earlier this fall to give us all a taste of their pensive UK-style tuneage. It borders on shoegaze, but the way frontman Nick Evans’ voice sits above the multi-layered guitars is so strong and assured that the end result is closer to pre-shoegaze UK guitar slingers like House Of Love and The Chameleons.

- RVA Mag 


"Whether ‘Miss the Darker Nights’ is a commentary on contemporary American politics or the Information Age’s fast-paced nature, its lilting, nostalgic guitar licks invite the listener to slow down and breathe: “Take a deep breath, inhale it"

- The Wild Honey Pie


"a heart-rending blend of garage rock and dream pop" - Look Up Records


"Heavy on atmosphere and hypnotic vocal harmonies...the EP is a surefire success." - Obscure Sound




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