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Opposing artistic tastes, divergent creative processes and yet a shared obsession with melody define the Virginia-based indie band, Stray Fossa. Brothers, Nick and Will Evans, and childhood friend, Zach Blount, grew up writing music together. Numerous monikers, solo efforts and a six-year hiatus later, in 2018, the three dropped everything, moved to Charlottesville, Virginia, built a studio into the attic of their house and began crafting songs together again.


Stray Fossa’s first full-length record, "With You For Ever," was written and recorded entirely in the first half of 2020, a period of time that the world will collectively remember. The songs do not so much play into the zeitgeist as accompany it – weaved in and out of the record are themes of social isolation, anxiety and dissolution;  inter-independence; restlessness; nostalgia; and collective memory, the last of which, given the band’s lifetime of friendship, has long underlined their writing process. The songs are personal both to the three songwriters as individuals and to the group as a whole. A shared living room and late night discussions spun the thread that winds through the record from start to finish, while collaborative arrangement and Will Evans’ meticulous production make it seem as if the ten tracks were carved from one sonic medium. 


The band approached LA-based artist, Chyrum Lambert, about collaborating on album and single artwork. All artwork for, "With You For Ever" was taken from the piece, "Oil in the Water" (2014).


All songs were self-produced in the band’s attic studio.


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"Where does the band fit in the music landscape of today? As it stands, somewhere between the bubbliness of New Pornographers and the sensuality/smoothness of Cigarettes After Sex: cool with a coquette smirk." - Earmilk


"a warm cocoon of lo-fi chill-wave nostalgia" and "a soundtrack to a roadtrip in outerspace" - Wild Honey Pie


"deceptively upbeat sounding and absurdly catchy for a song that ruminates upon the transient nature of inspiration and in a more broad sense, time itself." - HighClouds


"the sweet spot of jangly guitars, reverb, wandering minds, wistful hearts, and an instilled D.I.Y. ethic." - Girl Underground




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